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Product quality from the standard of combined screws

Posted: 2018-12-27Posted by:admin

For many fastener products, there are strict production standards. So, what is the standard for combination screws? As we all know, the combination screw is a kind of fastener that is very common in our life, so many people are very curious about the combination of screw standards, so today we will introduce the quality of the product from the standard combination of screws.

Combination screw standard

When we manufacture the combined screws and purchasers order the combination screws, we often say that the quality of the combination screws is just fine. So how do you see if the quality of the standard screw standard is good?

The quality of the combination screw should start with the screw wire of the combination screw manufacturer. The wire of the screw is the first level to determine the quality of the combined screw. The wire is not good. Even if the production equipment is advanced and the staff is skilled, it is impossible to produce high-quality combination screws.

In the second look, the quality of the standard product of the combination screw is seen from the overall aesthetics of the combination screw. A combination screw is formed, the size of the head of the screw, the superior appearance of the flat pad, the screw thread can not pass the stop gauge and so on. These are all things that need to be detected. A good combination of screws, the overall standard can meet the national standard requirements, or customer requirements.

Finally, the quality of the standard product of the combination screw is from the color of the plating. Of course, the combination screw of the iron needs to be plated, but the stainless steel combination screw is not needed. Most of them are passivated, in order to increase the salt spray of the stainless steel combination screw. The combination of the screw plating color, some do not control well, will produce a large color difference. This is not very good looking.

In fact, many production companies now produce products in strict accordance with the standard combination of screws. Because many consumers now ask for some questions about the standard combination of screws when they buy. If you encounter a product that does not meet the standard screw standard, not only will you lose customers, but it will also have some reputational impact on the company.